How eco-friendly are young Chinese people? (Surprising!)

China has recently begun to take its trash problem very seriously, including implementing some of the "strictest trash sorting laws" in history and beginning a ban on single-use plastics nationwide.

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Apr 22, 2021

China has recently begun to take its trash problem very seriously, including implementing some of the "strictest trash sorting laws" in history and beginning a ban on single-use plastics nationwide.

This #EarthDay2021, we talked to young people living in the country to get a feel for how they feel about China's trash & recycling laws, and what they do to try to be more eco-friendly.

Interviewer: Lu Zhao

Videographer: Thanakrit Gu

Editor: Michael Ren

Translation & Subtitling: Lu Zhao

In RADII Street Scope, we hit the streets of China to give young people the chance to tell us what they think in their own words.

RADII shares stories from the center of Chinese youth culture.

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