WATCH: Will AI Kill Art?

Two of China’s most legendary modern artists think otherwise

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5:29 PM HKT, Fri July 14, 2023

China’s Digital Renaissance is a series exploring new currents in Chinese contemporary art, created in partnership with East West Bank.

As generative AI continues to shake the very foundations of society, the emerging technology is rapidly encroaching onto a terrain that was previously seen as definitively human — art.

AI-generated art is being pumped out on a massive scale, even winning competitions in the process. So is this the death of art?

Two of China’s most legendary modern artists think otherwise.

Zhang Huan and Xu Bing are world-renowned creators of art that pushes boundaries. They each have deeply unique styles, and are no strangers to tech-driven art, themselves.

RADII sat down with each of these two icons to get their takes on the future of art; and according to them, the future is looking bright.

Watch RADII’s newest video above, and check out our written feature for more information about AI and the meaning of art, as seen by two of China’s most creative minds.

Cover image by RADII

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