Editorial Code of Conduct

We publish feature stories and Daily Drips written by our staff writers and contributors and produce video and audio content for various digital channels. Our team also operates an array of social media platforms to better connect with audiences around the world.

Content Policy

RADII is committed to shining a light on unique stories relevant to China’s youth culture and helping to unpack the monolith that is modern China. Our editorial department is independent, and we aim to be objective, accurate, and fair. Honesty to our readers and ourselves is of the utmost importance, and we deeply value the trust of those consuming our content and those featured in it.

Our editorial team is steadfast in:

  • Offering information that has been thoroughly vetted and fact-checked to ensure accuracy;
  • Guaranteeing that stories are fair, balanced and honest representations of the subject matter;
  • Openly disclosing conflicts of interest;
  • Offering diverse viewpoints and insights from people of all backgrounds;
  • Promptly updating or correcting information when necessary, and clearly informing our readership of any alterations to published content (more details below);
  • Continuing to grow and learn as individuals and a team, to ensure that our coverage evolves with fast-changing social currents;
  • Staying true to ourselves and our mission to bridge East and West through insightful reporting.

Corrections and Updates

In the event of an error, corrections will be made directly on our website and related social media posts. Any alterations that change the meaning of published content will be plainly outlined at the bottom of the article, along with the date and time the correction took place. Readers who wish to report any possible error are advised to reach out to us at editor (at) radiichina.com. If an article is updated to include new information or insights, these changes will be detailed at the bottom of the article, along with the date and time we added the update.


Staying true to ourselves means having strong editorial values. Our editors value honesty, integrity, open-mindedness, the inclusion of diverse voices and personalities, innovation and spirited debate.

Advertising and Paid Partnerships

RADII’s editors greatly value their editorial independence and are free of arrangements that could compromise their storytelling ability and integrity. When advertisements and partnerships do appear on our platforms, they will be clearly identified to avoid confusion or misidentification among our readers.

Social Media

RADII’s staff are required to operate their own social media presence and the company’s with decorum. RADII boasts a range of social media platforms, including (but not limited to) Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube, as well as WeChat and Bilibili. Our social media presence is carefully controlled by our dedicated marketing team, which operates separately from our editorial department. Despite this departmental separation, our social media team passionately believes in content transparency and dutifully adheres to the above mentioned guidelines and ethical standards. Sponsored content that appears on our social media platforms will be plainly identified as such.