Crate Digging at Shanghai’s Freshest Vinyl Paradise

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Simon Frank
7:01 PM HKT, Thu March 21, 2024

Born in the heart of Beijing back in 2013, fRUITYSHOP has blossomed into a vinyl lover's paradise, cherished by music enthusiasts for its handpicked collection of records and one-of-a-kind cultural treasures. But fRUITYSHOP is more than just your average record store — it brings together musicians and labels to drop exclusive limited edition albums and merch that you won’t find anywhere else, making it a game-changer in China's music scene.

We hit up fRUITYSHOP’s new Shanghai location with RADII Editor Simon Frank, digging through the crates to uncover the freshest vinyl gems this spot has to offer.

This is the fourth episode of our series One Take, where we take you to youth culture hot spots and more across Asia with one buddy, one camera, and one long shot. Skip at your own risk!

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