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RADII Voices

RADII Voices is a series of short documentaries, looking at the unique characters, scenes, and phenomena that define modern China.
Shoegazing in China’s La La Land
Meet the Woman Bringing Ice Hockey to Wuhan’s Youth
Attempting an IMPOSSIBLE violin performance (Zigeunerweisen)
Rebellious rapper Jinx fights for fame on her own terms
China’s Got a Batman, and He’s Purple
How One Man Built A Hip Hop Empire
Meet the High School DJ Who’s Taking Over Shanghai


Your windows into what’s happening in modern Chinese culture, with first-hand witness accounts on trends, experiences, reviews, concepts, lifestyles and much more.
Funky, Flavorful Pao Cai: Making Chinese Pickles Cool Again
5 Top Spots to Ice Skate and Ski in the City of Beijing
Netizens Love Taiwan’s Clever Title for ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’
Funky, Flavorful Pao Cai: Making Chinese Pickles Cool Again
Hong Kong Holds Its Most Diverse NFT Art Exhibition to Date
One of the Best Chinese Films: Mr. Donkey 驴得水

Peddlers Gin

We partnered up with Peddlers Gin and released exclusive interviews with people across the generations in China who were born in the Year of the Tiger. From an 86 year old hunter-turned conservationist to a 24 year old surfer, a rice farmer, a hip hop star and everything in between.
Artist Explores China’s Erotic Past With Tiger Pride
Rural Chinese Hunter Turns to Wildlife Conservation
Chinese Hip Hop Pioneer Brings Tiger Energy to the Mic
Swells in Hainan
The Story of Shanghai’s Generations-old Rice Farmers

Way of the Warrior

Produced and filmed across China and the USA, RADII Studios' new 2-part film reveals the struggles, challenges and triumphs that Chinese fighters face while chasing their MMA championship dreams.
Way of the Warrior Episode I
Way of the Warrior Episode II
Official Trailer I: Way of the Warrior
Official Trailer II: Way of the Warrior Official
Official Trailer III: Way of the Warrior

Slang Dynasty

Slang Dynasty is a series that unpacks the wide world of Chinese regional slang, internet colloquialisms, and assorted street-level jargon.
Teaching you how to say “Swag” 飒 (Sà) in Chinese Slang
When You’re Working Against Your Own Will, You’re 被迫营业 (Bèi pò yíngyè) in Chinese Slang
Tiger Moms Raise Chicken Babies 鸡娃 (jī wá) and Other Crazy Chinese Parenting Slang
How to Say Get Swole 撸铁 (lūtiě) in Chinese Slang
How to Say Someone's Catfishing You in Chinese Slang
Chinese Slang for When Your Job Sucks
C'mon Workers! The sarcastic rallying cry of our times in Chinese slang
Here's how to say 'You're cool as a cucumber' in Chinese
In the end, all workers are "company livestock" 社畜 in Chinese slang
How to say "You're a hater" 杠精 in Chinese 🙅🏻‍♀️
What does it mean to "inhale cats?" 吸猫 Chinese Slang 🐱
Tom of Yeti Out explains Cantonese for "☎️ HANG UP ALREADY! ☎️"
How to know what's "GROSS" in Yunnan China with Niu Yun
Why are people fighting for the C-Spot in Chinese Slang?

China Explained

Your guide to everything you need to know about the latest phenomena in China's culture, innovation and life.
5 Ways Traditional Medicine Impacts Modern Chinese Life
How The Chili Pepper Took Over Chinese Cuisine
China Explained: How Western Fast Food Made its Way to China's Waistline
4 Ways COVID-19 Forced Chinese Lives Online


china.wav spotlights the best of China’s rising music and artistic talent, amplifying their voices to the rest of the world.
A day in Kunming with Yeti Out and S!lk
china.wav MIX: Puzzy Stack bass music DJ set
RADII x china.wav 2019 [OFFICIAL RECAP]
Bohan Phoenix Tries LA's Spiciest Taco
RADII x Eastern Margins Mix - Underground Experimental Electronic Sounds from East Asia
Yin: SWINE FLEW (Year of the Boar Mix)
china.wav MIX: Laughing Ears Mix 2021
china.wav MIX: The Boring Room’s DJ Gunknown


RADII SCOPES snaps a single issue into focus through candid responses from young Chinese subjects, highlighting the lives behind macro trends.
This Shanghai arcade is home to some of China's most hardcore gamers
Are young Chinese caring for their own mental health?
Why do young Chinese love Friends so much?
How well do young Chinese people sleep? (Not very)
For young singles in China, Spring Festival is the toughest holiday of the year
How eco-friendly are young Chinese people? (Surprising!)
What do young Chinese people find fashionable?
Do young Chinese people want to have more kids?
What movies are young Chinese watching at the Shanghai International Film Festival 2021?
Go to the Taobao Maker Festival for the weirdest and wildest young Chinese creations

RADII Interviews

Highlights from interviews with movers and shakers in the creative world from China.
In Conversation With: Lin Lin Jacobs of Jellymon and China Intl. Beauty Expo
In Conversation With: Brian Linden of The Linden Centre on sustainable tourism in China
CROSSxTALK: And the Oscar goes to... China?
In Conversation With: Peter Shiao of Immortal Studios
CROSSxTALK: China Hip Hop in Evolution
Tibetan filmmaker Pema Tseden on "Balloon" and the rise of Tibetan cinema
Interview Selects with Chinese Artist Xu Zhen 徐震
Meet A$AP Eva, Hip Hop's Favorite Jeweler
Zhang Jianjun: From Mao to China's Modern Art Frontier
Faye Chen of Double Chicken Please
NiuYun of Slurp and Pilipala: Bringing Dai-style Yunnan cuisine to cosmopolitan Shanghai