WATCH: City Bites Macau Edition Ep3

We rate Macau’s almond cookies — but do locals actually like them?

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Almond cookies are recommended as a must-buy souvenir of Macau, a city whose economy heavily relies on tourism. Due to their popularity among travelers, more and more pastry stores here sell these Chinese cookies. But the locals don’t actually eat them that often. So how did they become such an iconic item in Macau? And where can you get the best ones? Here, we search for the answers.

Restaurant address:

📍Pastelaria Chui Heong

Edificio Mang Fat, 12 R. do Gamboa, Macau

Special thanks:

Sheila Leong, Content Creator

Follow her at @sheilawithcat on Instagram!

This City Bites edition is supported by the Macao Government Tourism Office.

Producer: Yoyo Chow

Videographer: Wayne Hon, César del Giudice

Editor and Mastering: César del Giudice

Narration: Dai Qian

Animation: Stella Yoo

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