Digitally China Podcast: So You Want to Work in Chinese Tech

How do China tech jobs differ from those in the US and Europe?

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3:26 AM HKT, Fri July 19, 2019

Digitally China is a bi-weekly podcast from RADII hosted by Tom Xiong and Eva Xiao, and produced by Jacob Loven. On each episode, the team will tackle a different timely tech-related topic, providing key insights on all you need to know about the fast-changing nature of innovation in China. Find previous episodes of Digitally China here and subscribe on iTunes here.

In China’s fast-growing tech industry, it’s easy to focus on exciting new products and businesses while overlooking one of the most important elements of any company: the talent.

In this episode, we look at how the recruiting process at Chinese tech firms does — and doesn’t — differ from that of multinational firms, and how China’s new wave of tech professionals view their career options.

We examine

  • Incentives/disincentives for working at multinational firms vs. Chinese internet companies

  • The importance of 996 or working overtime

  • Probation and the concept of “hire fast, fire fast”

  • Unstructured vs. standardized hiring practices

  • China’s gender discrimination problem


  • Vincent Wang, a senior associate at executive recruiting firm Atkins & Associates

  • Ben Jiang, who runs the India bureau of Krasia, an Asia-focused tech media platform

  • A Zhen, a product manager and team leader for front-end development at a Shanghai-based internet company

Listen to the latest Digitally China episode below or find it (and previous episodes) on iTunes here.

Cover photo: Alex Knight on Unsplash

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