Twitter Bits: China-Themed Advent Calendar

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6:43 PM HKT, Thu December 14, 2017 1 mins read

On the 13th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me / a snow-covered Empress Dowager Cixi

Over in Twitterland we’ve been highly enjoying an “Advent Calendar” of historical and suitably wintry images from China being curated daily by the Scottish Centre for China Research Postgraduate Network. Their latest post is for Day 13, and is one of our favorites:

Day 12 was fascinating as well, a rare glimpse at the Helmsman getting his ping pong on in Yan’an, early seat of the Communist Party of China:

They’re not just sticking to archival photos; a few days back they posted this iconic still from slow-burning Zhang Yimou classic Raise the Red Lantern:

And here’s a barren painted landscape from the Song Dynasty:

It takes a bit of scrolling (the China_Researchers Twitter also collates an academically-inclined selection of China readings from around the web), but it’s worth a look; check it out here.

Cover image: “Fang Dazeng 方大曾 (1912-37), Suiyuan Battlefield (Inner Mongolia), Winter 1936. Fangda was declared missing in 1937. His career is compared to Robert Capa’s.” (source)

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