Watch: Someone Re-Edited the “Joker” Trailer with Viral Clips from China and It’s Amazing

The video splices together Gotham City vibes with footage from Chinese social media

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10:36 PM HKT, Thu October 24, 2019

On Chinese social media platform Weibo, one user is asking netizens, “why so serious?”

The Weibo account (which has put out several “trailers” with Chinese characteristics), synced Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker trailer voiceover with a number of viral video clips from China — and it is spot-on. The video features public dancing, tantrums, Naruto references, a Monkey King getting arrested, a literal take on “shotgun wedding,” and plenty of bad behavior, all ripped from China’s short video and streaming sites.

Watch the “trailer” here:

And for comparison:

Needless to say, netizens found it hilarious, with the video racking up close to 16 million views and 18,000 comments in just over a day.

While Joker has generated something of a cult following on Chinese social media, the violent, divisive film is almost guaranteed not to make it to cinemas in China. It’s fitting then that we now have a fan version with a localized twist.

Some people really do just want to watch the world burn.


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