Watch: Viral Dancing Toddler Liang Liang Charms Ellen DeGeneres

The Chinese toddler went viral in July after his mother posted a video of him dancing to Facebook

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7:12 PM HKT, Tue November 5, 2019

A Chinese toddler burst onto the daytime talk show scene last week when he appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to dance, do a “magic trick,” and giggle a lot.

Liang Liang, a three year old from Linyi in China’s eastern Shandong Province, went viral in July after his mother posted a video of him dancing to Facebook. The clip of him shuffling joyfully in a public square blew up not only in China but overseas as well, and was viewed over 60 million times.

The tiny star, who appeared on the show with the help of his mother and a translator, chatted with Ellen, performed an adorable “magic trick” for the crowd, and even showed off his English skills — reciting the alphabet and confusing the audience slightly thanks to his use of the rhythm many Chinese kids are taught it in. From the crowd’s raucous reaction, it’s fair to say that he was a hit.

After the chat, he gave a performance of his famous dance routine, complete with backup dancers:

The Ellen Show became the first American daytime talk show to stream in China in 2014, and remains a favorite among Chinese netizens. The video of Liang Liang’s time on the show has more than 2 million views, and netizens are abuzz with praise at seeing a small-town Chinese kid entertain American audiences.

Liang Liang seems to have shuffled his way into all of our hearts.


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