Watch: Texting Scooter Driver Swallowed by Sudden Sinkhole

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1:15 AM HKT, Tue August 22, 2017

Infrastructure that builds itself overnight is remarkable, but not without a cost.

Residents of Beihai saw it for themselves the other day, when an enormous sinkhole suddenly opened up on a main road. If you’ve seen your fair share of YouTube sinkhole videos, you’ll still be impressed by this mammoth-sized gaping hole, apparently about 32 feet across and 6 feet deep.

The concrete can be seen heaving one last dying breath, before collapsing in on itself like an exploding star. Next a man on a scooter zips into frame, approaching the hole at high speed. He’s texting, and doesn’t seem aware of the surprise dungeon lying a few feet ahead of him. He tries to stop after he notices, but it’s too late. His phone flies out of his hands, and the smartphone-wielding driver tumbles forward in what looks like an bottomless arc.

This could actually be pretty tragic, but luckily the guy made it out relatively unscathed. At the end of the video you can see a bystander walk over, like dude, you just fell in that big hole, bro! Apparently the guy hopped out moments later and dusted himself off, like nah bro, it’s all good, I’m always diving into street holes, dude. He received only minor injuries.

Let this be a lesson in texting and driving – if you do it, the earth will swallow you.

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