Way of the Warrior Episode II

Athletes and trainers come together from all parts of the world in their pursuit of MMA championship dreams

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8:00 AM HKT, Thu April 28, 2022

Produced and filmed across #China and the #USA, RADII Studios’ new 2-part film reveals the struggles, challenges and triumphs that Chinese fighters face while chasing their #MMA championship dreams.

See how this sport transcends cultural and national boundaries as these athletes and trainers come together from all parts of the world in their pursuit of a common passion for athletic excellence. 

Episode 2 zooms in on #SongYadong’s move to America to train with #UFC legend #UrijahFaber and the evolving journey of #Tibetan fighter Qiu Lun as he prepares for his debut on #DanaWhite's Contender Series.


Qiu Lun, Song Yadong, Urijah Faber (Team Alpha Male), Wang Zhou (Enbo Fight Club), Richy Walsh (UFC Performance Institute), with Nicolas Atkin (sports editor, SCMP) as host.

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