13-Year-Old Rubik’s Cube Prodigy Uses His Feet to Solve Three Cubes at Once

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2:15 AM HKT, Thu November 15, 2018

Que Jianyu is a 13-year-old Rubik’s Cube master from Xiamen. We’re big fans. So you can imagine the thrill we experienced when we saw that Que has returned. This time, he’s attempting to break new world records, solving three Rubik’s Cubes simultaneously. With the help of his feet.

Well, he did it. We’re amazed at how something like that is possible, but we also share the sentiment expressed by one YouTube commenter: “Weird flex, but ok.”

But for Que Jianyu and his Rubik’s Cubes, one impossible feet (haha) wasn’t enough. He went straight for the athletic bar, breaking the record for fastest Rubik’s Cube solved upside down. Actually, this one seems pretty similar to a normal Rubik’s Cube solve. But it’s still better than we could do. Que admitted that he would need to strengthen his legs if he wanted to keep doing this kind of thing.

Sure, but maybe it’s time a responsible adult took him to one side and encouraged him not to keep doing this kind of thing? We’re not really sure where this goes long-term.

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