Cardi B Was Featured on a Shenzhen News Station and Her Reaction is Going Viral in China


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1:48 AM HKT, Tue March 17, 2020 1 mins read

US rapper Cardi B is blowing up on Chinese social media after she dropped an Instagram video with the caption, “BITCH I DEAD DONE MADE IT IN THE CHINESE NEWS !”

In the viral video the “Bodak Yellow” rapper can be seen celebrating the fact that a previous Instagram post in which she talks about her fears over Covid-19 made it onto a news segment on Shenzhen Satellite TV.

Cardi was featured on the Guangdong-based TV channel after she released a video late last week reacting to the novel coronavirus outbreak, in which she talked about stock market crashes, stocking up on food and moving to Antarctica, among other things.

The hashtag #CardiB炫耀自己登上中国新闻#, which translates to “Cardi B shows off about being on Chinese news” has, as of publication time, been read 1.2 billion times on microblogging site Weibo.

The rapper also took to Twitter to address the fact that she is going viral in China, while taking the opportunity to lowkey put out a call for wig connections in the country. Cardi, we got you.

Cardi B hasn’t been afraid to express her fears over Covid-19, releasing a series of short videos in which she rants about the consequences of the outbreak around the globe, striking a chord with fans who share similar fears.

Update: Cardi B continues to trend on Chinese social media after she posted a new video in which she declared “I want no smoke with the Chinese” following Trump’s designation of Covid-19 as “the Chinese virus.” Some netizens have even begun jokingly wondering whether Cardi will apply for membership of the Chinese Communist Party, with Higher Brothers’ Psy P posting “Have you filled out your Party membership application yet?” in response to the video.

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