Check Out These Super Hi-Res 360° Photos of Chinese Cities

Get your pinch-to-zoom fingers ready to explore a 24.9 billion-pixel image of Shanghai's Bund

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5:36 AM HKT, Tue January 15, 2019

Quality content for the pinch-to-zoom photography nerds out there: we’ve just stumbled across the site of Chinese company BigPixel Studio and are now inviting you to get lost in it too.

Founded in 2014, BigPixel specializes in high pixel-count photos of Chinese cities. “Photo” is perhaps an understatement, as the images the firm is churning out are extremely high-res: the company also seems to use the English name BillionPixel, and on its about page drops the word terapixel (百亿像素), which is a trillion pixels. That’s a lot.

For an example of what this translates to in your browser, check out this 24.9 billion-pixel image of Shanghai, taken from the Lujiazui financial district:

shanghai megapixel hi-res photo

Yikes. If that one’s too vertigo-inducing, here are some other very large images of scenes in Beijing, Nanjing, and Suzhou. In all, BigPixel has over 25 of these on their site, along with some text describing their mission as sitting somewhere between “creative photography,” cloud data processing, and brand communication.

Check out more of their work here.

Cover image: BillionPixel Facebook

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