Chinese Brand Vivo Unveils “World’s First” Dual Display Phone with Screens on Both Sides

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2:47 PM HKT, Fri December 14, 2018 1 mins read

Dongguan headquartered phone maker Vivo, perhaps in a valiant attempt to make headlines about phones and China that don’t involve Apple court cases or arrested Huawei executives, unveiled an “industry first” in handset development earlier this week.

The firm has managed to design a phone that eliminates that heart-stopping moment where you worry whether your phone will land screen-side down when you drop it. How? By creating a model that has screens on both sides, meaning you’re now practically guaranteed to crack some glass when your phone slips from your hand.

“With an additional 5.49-inch Super AMOLED display gracing the phone’s back, NEX Dual Display Edition successfully delivers an unconventional smartphone experience by allowing greater flexibility in using the rear cameras,” says a press release from the company. At a launch event in Shanghai, the rear screen was put to use as a secondary touch pad for gaming and as a way to show other people what the user was drawing or writing on the front screen.

But naturally, the main inspiration for the second screen was that most noble of pursuits: the quest for the perfect selfie.

“Snapping high-quality selfies is now easier than ever before, as users can simply use the main cameras along with the rear screen to get the perfect angles for selfies.”

The other main design feature for the NEX Dual Display Edition is what they’re calling the “Lunar Ring”. The little circle on the back of the phone changes colors according to your notifications and will “pulse” in time with your music, in case that’s what you’ve been looking for in a phone lately.

The NEX DDE is the latest incarnation in Vivo’s flagship phone range, after it unveiled a “bezzle-less” design with a pop-up camera earlier this year.

Here’s what happened when Engadget got their hands on one of the new Dual Display Edition devices:

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