Dee Hsu Sex Toy Endorsement Sparks Discussion on Female Pleasure

"It is our right to enjoy physical pleasure. It’s never too late to start."

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10:39 PM HKT, Fri June 18, 2021 1 mins read

If you think China isn’t sexy, this new sex toy ad might change your mind:

Taiwanese star Dee Hsu, more commonly known as Little S, is shown reflecting on her own journey of sexual self discovery. The video featured two actresses who portrayed her younger selves, acting out the anticipation and confusion of self discovery while Hsu offered witty commentary. There were no explicit sex scenes with Hsu in it, and she joked on social media that she was “actually looking forward to filming that.”

dee hsu osuga

Dee Hsu is the new face of Osuga. (Image courtesy of Osuga)

Hsu first broke the news on Tuesday on Chinese microblogging platform Weibo, announcing that she has become the new face of Chinese sex toy brand Osuga, or 大人糖 in Mandarin, which literally translates to “candy for grown-ups.”

“The storyline of the ad was based on actual stories from customers who use the products. Many people cannot accept women using sex toys and have never had proper sex education,” Hsu writes in the post. “It is our right to enjoy physical pleasure. It’s never too late to start.”


A Bold Brand Ambassador

The move has sparked heated discussion on the platform. The hashtag #Little S is so brave# has gained 330 million views. Many netizens support the endorsement; others express hope that more public figures will speak out about female pleasure and encourage Chinese women to explore and enjoy their own bodies.

“Little S! yyds!” says one commenter under Hsu’s post, employing an internet slang term 永远滴神 (yong yuan di shen), meaning “forever my god/goddess.” A sentiment similar to GOAT, or “greatest of all time” in English.

“I think you are so awesome. It’s time for girls to let go of their shame! Only you can do this in the whole world, you are the best!” reads another comment.


Hsu, 43, is a well-known television host, actress, singer, and mother of three. Best known for her quick-witted humor as the co-host on the Taiwanese TV show Kangsi Coming, she’s been vocal about sex and gender issues.

“Designed by Females, For Females”

Founded in 2019, Osuga is a female-focused sex toy brand, “designed by females, for females.” It offers two award-winning products, Cuddly Bird and G-Spa, and their aim to is provide “some sweetness in the adult world.”


Image courtesy of Osuga

“We are dedicated to helping every woman build a deeper connection with her body and inner-self, finding her own way to true happiness,” states Osuga’s website.

Cover photo: screenshot of promotional video

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