Dragon Boat Races Get the Lego Set Treatment

Just in time for Dragon Boat Festival, you'll soon be able to build and race your own LEGO dragon boats

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4:46 PM HKT, Tue April 23, 2019 1 mins read

You’ll soon be able to celebrate Dragon Boat Festival in brick form, after it was revealed that dragon boat races are the latest traditional Chinese activity to get the LEGO treatment.

We realize it’s starting to look a bit like we’re out here shilling for the Danish toy manufacturer, but we promise we’re not — but we also can’t ignore them when they put out special editions like these amazing Spring Festival LEGO sets:

And put on promotional activities like building Avengers Chinese opera masks:

In the company’s latest play for the Chinese market, they’re set to unveil two dragon boat teams, complete with a spectator grandstand and a stall selling zongzi (bamboo leaf-wrapped sticky rice dumplings, a Dragon Boat Festival tradition), according to leaked images from a toy store in Macau:

Not going to lie, this looks pretty amazing.

The sets aren’t on sale just yet, but we expect them to be on shelves soon — Dragon Boat Festival is on June 7 this year. If the Spring Festival sets are anything to go by, you can expect sales to be limited to Asia. That’s not stopped a bunch of retailers on ebay already offering them for shipping to the US for around 160USD each however.

Wondering what Dragon Boat Festival is all about? There’s more to it than just boat races — click through below for a tale of suicide and sticky rice:

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