So Hot Right Now: Exclusive RADII Noodles T-Shirts

Your favorite Chinese noodles, now on a tee

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2 years ago

How well do you know your noodles? From Lanzhou Lamian to Sichuan Dandan, this graphic tee from RADII illustrates some of the most iconic noodles from different regions of China. Spicy, sweet, sour, savory, or whatever flavor you prefer — it’s all there.

radii tee t shirt noodles

Just like noodles you eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, this T-shirt will become your daily wardrobe staple. Show your pride and represent your favorite noodle dish. Just don’t spill any sauce on it.

These T-shirts are now available in black and white on Teespring (for international shipping) or on Taobao (for within China). Get ’em while they’re hot!


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