KFC Debuts New Insect Repellent Coffee

Liushen x KFC's insect repellant coffee is the new crossover drink of the summer

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6:34 PM HKT, Tue May 19, 2020

Last week, bug repellent-maker Liushen announced on its Weibo page that it would be partnering with KFC in China to create two new products: insect repellent coffee and coffee-flavored repellent.

To those unfamiliar, Liushen Hua Lu Shui (花露水) is a popular Chinese herbal water that comes in an iconic green bottle. It’s mostly used to ward off mosquitoes, but many people swear by its medicinal abilities to wake up the senses, prevent heat rash, and relieve itchiness.

The minty, perfume-y smell is a trademark scent of Chinese summer. And now, thanks to modern-day marketing magic, you can consume that nostalgic flavor in coffee form.

Liushen wrote on its Weibo page, “That classic aroma always accompanied us growing up. But even the forever nostalgic Hua Lu Shui water should be young and fun.”

The announcement received an outpouring of excitement from social media users, and both the coffee and the new Hua Lu Shui flavor have been getting positive reviews online. People noted that the coffee tasted good, and was very refreshing to drink.

One user on microblogging site Weibo summed it up: “Wow! A collaboration between two of my favorite things.”


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