Jack Ma’s Selfie with Steven Spielberg Has Chinese Netizens Asking a Different Question

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7:19 PM HKT, Wed June 28, 2017

Jack Ma met with Steven Spielberg in New York last week, as Jing Daily notes, reportedly to discuss collaborations on a future movie. After all, the two entered into an agreement last October to co-produce and co-finance films, involving Ma’s Alibaba Pictures and Spielberg’s Amblin Partners.

But Chinese Internet users aren’t talking about that, or the selfie these two took. They’re buzzing about this:

What sort of monstrosity is that? It’s orange.

It’s the size of an iPhone 6 Plus or 6s Plus, but upon close examination, netizens have pointed out that the camera hole isn’t exactly the right size. Something is off.

They’ve further asked: is it a fake iPhone 7? Is it an as-yet unreleased iPhone 8? Or maybe a Huawei phone, dressed up like an Apple product? Most seem convinced it’s custom-made and specially tailored. Is Jack Ma using a custom-made and specially tailored iPhone???

I dunno, guys. Here he is with a fairly normal-looking iPhone earlier this year:

The mystery continues.

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