Oreo Launches Forbidden City Flavors, White Rabbit Does Perfume

Eat like an emperor, smell like milk candy

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11:04 PM HKT, Fri May 24, 2019

Oreo recently announced they were launching six new flavors “inspired by traditional Forbidden City snacks” on Chinese social media.

This, of course, came with the above, funky “Forbidden-City-made-of-Oreos” advertisement, as well as a pop-up in New York City for Chinese e-commerce platform Tmall’s Super Brand Day.

Much like Oreo’s other China-exclusive flavors, these cookies range from sweet to savory, and include Chaoshan-style barbecued pork, spicy pepper pastry, hawthorn, and lychee and rose cake. (Whether these size up to their chicken wings and wasabi flavors, we have yet to be the judge.) The hashtag “Oreo Enters The Palace” (#奥利奥进宫了#) is now trending on Weibo.


Meanwhile beloved confectionary brand White Rabbit have turned their signature flavor into a signature scent. The Chinese candy company announced they would be making perfume, body lotion and shower gel with notes of their renowned treat.

Originated in Shanghai, White Rabbit candy dates back to the 1940s and has been churning out plenty of spinoffs since they launched a co-branded lip balm with cosmetic company Maxam last year. (Too bad they don’t like it when others do the same.)


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