Photo of the day: Ancient Chinese Cold Cure

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10:35 AM HKT, Fri November 17, 2017

Our photo theme this week: It Came from the Convenience Store. Various and sundry “only-in-China” goods that can be found at any corner xiaomaibu.

This is a two-in-one.

Part one is the rather newly unveiled ginger coke. My succinct review is that the flavor isn’t too powerful, but if you like ginger, which I do, you’ll like this a little more than regular coke. Coca-Cola with ginger is already a popular drink here — boiling coke with thinly sliced fresh ginger is a time-honored cure for a cold (they have fresh ginger in the Family Mart too if you’re some kinda purist). Back in the day people used brown sugar, but coke is the go-to modern alternative. Mix that corporate imitation of a homestyle remedy with:

Looking like a Pokemon item

Vitamin C tablets. Hear the satisfying sizzle of vitamin C dissolving into the boiling liquid. There’s no way a cold will stand up to this. The vitamin C tablets are basically Airborne or Emergen-C, but we love the convenient tube. We opted for lemon flavor to complete the fiery potion. They have 49 kuai ($7) bottles of Ballantine’s too, but you didn’t hear that from us.

Cozy up with that ginger-lemon-vitamin-C-coke. You deserve it.

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