Photo of the Day: Beijing LGBT Center

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10:42 PM HKT, Thu June 14, 2018

Our photo theme this week is China Pride. As the country’s biggest Pride celebration continues in Shanghai — in sync with Pride events across the world — we spotlight some of the organizations working throughout China to improve LGBTQ rights and awareness, often in extremely challenging circumstances.

Founded in 2008, Beijing LGBT Center is “the only LGBT organization in China with professional counselor team and services in individual consulting, group consulting, peer support, and workshops and activities on psychology”. They began providing psychological health services in 2010 and two years later embarked upon a project to build a nationwide LGBT-friendly counselor network. They continue to promote their services across the country.

The picture above comes from an LGBT awareness event held on Qixi, often referred to as “Chinese Valentine’s Day”.

The Center’s website hasn’t been updated in a little while, but you can find regular information from them via their WeChat account (bjlgbtcenter).

Photo: Beijing LGBT Center

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