Photo of the day: Dr. Dreadlock

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5:00 PM HKT, Sat October 7, 2017

This week’s photo series is by Zhao Yinyin. The theme is festival fashion. Cool young people in full swing.

Dr. Dreadlock has no MD – just a PhD in being true to yourself. Unlike our other photos this week, it’s not his outfit that’s noteworthy per se, as much as his overall presence. The all-black motif is timeless, and we should mention that we do love the cutoff shorts and high socks. This is the only guy we will ever support for wearing a fedora. Other than the shoulder bag and towel there’s no evidence that he’s going to a festival, but we’re pretty sure he listens to music every day of his life. We can’t be sure, but is that a press pass around his neck? Is his shoulder bag full of camera equipment? We’ll never know, but this time he’s in front of the camera, where we can appreciate him in all his gritty beauty. Rock on, Dr. Dreadlock.

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