#ChinaGrams: 7 Trippy City Shots from Beiqi Darren In

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4:33 AM HKT, Mon January 14, 2019

#ChinaGrams is when we feature a photographer who’s taking incredible shots of China on Instagram. Follow us on Instagram or contact us here for the chance to have your work featured.

This weeks photos are from photographer Beiqi Darren In, who writes:

I am originally from Shanghai. I moved to Florida, USA right after middle school. After 16 years of living in the States, I spent 5 years in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia due to a job opportunity. Now I am currently based back home in Shanghai. My passions are architecture and photography. Creative energy is what drives me the most. Photography is very versatile, and it thrives on your personal input and then also gives you something back in return. I’ve learned a great deal about myself through photography. It has been my interest for many years but I can still challenge myself and evolve.

He says this about his photos:

My main inspiration comes from the “passage of time”. I would like to depict a place, an object not only as a still image but rather a thought in progress of space and time, whether it be a double exposure or a more straightforward capture.

Below is the roundup of this week’s photos from Beiqi. Be sure to check his Instagram and website for more beautiful urban shots through his eyes.






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