Photo of the Day: Neymar Jr Gets “Happy”

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10:00 PM HKT, Wed June 20, 2018

This week’s photo theme is World Cup Stars Selling Shit — you can start here with Messi’s Milk.

Doing his bit for awkwardly faked footballing action and odd product juxtapositions is Brazilian star Neymar Jr, who has linked up with Harbin beer (or “ha er bin pi jiu”, abbreviated to “ha pi”) and singer Li Ronghao for this little beauty:

While we’re on the subject of Chinese beers and the World Cup, there aren’t any big stars in this one, but check out Tsingtao’s flashy football ad for a bizarre storyline and some dodgy-animated flying balls.

And of course, we can’t mention Harbin making an ad with a sports star without throwing back to this Shaq commercial from a few years ago:

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