PUBG and “Produce 101” Idol Group Team Up for Unexpected Crossover

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2:55 AM HKT, Thu August 23, 2018

Well here’s a collision between two recent RADII headline-makers that we didn’t see coming: pop idol group and all around controversy-magnet Rocket Girls (who came into being courtesy of Tencent’s Produce 101 talent show) have joined forces with gaming sensation PlayerUnknown’s Battleground.

Here are a couple of the results of their collaboration:

Produce 101 was the show that gave us “China’s Beyoncé” Wang Ju and a finalist whose vocals were described as a “car crash” before owners Tencent promptly sued three of the contest’s winners.

As for PUBG meanwhile, we recently highlighted a pretty nuts Meituan commercial that made use of the game and its triumphal “winner winner chicken dinner” line:

It’s an unusual link up, and so far one that’s been getting mixed reviews from gamers on microblog platform Weibo. Not that Rocket Girls’ management will care too much given they have a new album to promote — the move has brought them a fair amount of publicity, once again.


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