A Livestreamer Just Paid Millions for Jackie Chan to Sing at His Wedding

And now people are tearing him apart on the internet over it

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11:13 PM HKT, Thu August 22, 2019 1 mins read

From famous rappers slicing their fingers off to 58-year-old grandmothers masquerading as sexy gamer girls, we thought we’d borne witness to the full range of Chinese livestreaming atrocities — but an infamous retailer paying millions for Jackie Chan to sing at his wedding, and then live broadcasting the whole thing to turn over 14 million bucks of profit, might just take the cake.

In today’s news from inside the rabbithole of China’s livestreaming community, netizens are outraged by livestreamer Xinba, who, in the eyes of many, has turned the institution of marriage into loathsome clickbait fodder.

Xinba reportedly invited over 40 celebrities to his wedding, which was held in the Beijing Olympic Sports Center this past Sunday. Other icons in attendance included singer Wang Leehom, also known as the “King of Chinese Pop”, who accompanied Jackie Chan in serenading the newly-weds on their special day. It seems Jackie received the highest payout at 6.7 million RMB (almost one million US dollars).

Also paid to attend was movie star Cecilia Cheung, later spotted presenting the couple with a marriage gift. Wonder if Xinba paid for that one too… it wouldn’t be surprising, considering that his livestreams of the spectacle made him over 14 million dollars. That mind-blowing number is about twice what he paid for his star-studded guest list.

We can’t really comment on the potential desecration of matrimony, but one could argue that the whole thing was kind of a brilliant marketing move. Unfortunately, it seems Xinba is already detested by Chinese netizens for endorsing low-quality products.


Xinba originally rose to prominence selling his products over live broadcasts and video clips. But when he began selling goods over livestream just two hours after the conclusion of his wedding, it was the last straw for netizens.

One Weibo user commented, “The marriage is a secondary business. Selling goods is the main thing”. Ouch, it burns.

Since the wedding, reviews of his products have plummeted, and Weibo is aflame with netizens berating Xinba for both his click-hungry conduct and his integrity as an online retailer. Many took to the microblogging platform to warn others about the products that Xinba has made a fortune selling, or to simply call the guy out for being a “roaring liar, villain and hypocrite”.

A bit of a rollercoaster for Xinba. But at least he got to meet Jackie.

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