Jackie Chan’s Daughter Has Married Her Influencer Girlfriend in Canada

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6:31 PM HKT, Tue November 27, 2018 2 mins read

Jackie Chan is known worldwide for his distinct brand of martial arts action/comedy. But fewer people know about his daughter, born to actress and former Miss Asia Elaine Ng, with whom Jackie had a rather infamous affair. Etta Wu has had a bit of a rocky ride as a result, but things are looking up — she’s just married her girlfriend, social media influencer Andi Autumn.

The 19-year-old Wu announced her relationship with 31-year-old Andi last year, which was also when she openly addressed her sexuality for the first time. Many Chinese netizens have congratulated the couple on social media, while others dismiss the marriage as the product of a “rebellious stage”, and the lack of proper parental guidance.

“Jackie Chan’s 19 year old daughter and her foreign internet star girlfriend just got married!” wrote one Weibo commenter. “She’s officially broken away from her family and home to start a new family of her own. Bless her! Finally, she’s emerged out of the fog and haze to start a new life.”

Other commenters focused on a controversial video posted by the couple in April saying they were homeless, with no money for basic necessities, pointing to “homophobic parents” as the cause.

“So you got money for your nails but y’all claim to be homeless?” reads one Instagram comment.

Etta has faced opposition from her mother, who was previously arrested in 2015 on suspicion of child cruelty. Jackie has made no public statement. In the past, Jackie’s attitude toward his daughter has been similarly dismissive. When asked about his affair with Elaine Ng and her subsequent pregnancy, he simply stated, “this is the same thing that many men have done wrong. I’m just one of many. I’m not the only one. I also know this is really important, but what should I do about it then?

When asked about Etta on another occasion, he responded, “I overlooked her,” and another time, “this is just my life. I don’t often see my daughter. I often neglect my family.” Andi Autumn has spoken out against Jackie before, saying, “You didn’t raise your own child. You don’t have any strength. Stop being so impulsive!“

Whether it’s homophobia, or the busy celebrity life of Jackie Chan and Elaine Ng — or a combination of both — which has led to that neglect, the couple’s story is a visible flagpole, as LGBT youth across China continue to grapple with unsupportive parents.

But enough of the mixed reactions on social media — what do the happy couple have to say about their relationship? On their joint Instagram account, on a photo of the two in matching outfits with matching hair, the two seem overjoyed:


The couple were most recently seen traveling together to Hong Kong, ostensibly to find work, and hopefully greater acceptance. Despite Elaine Ng’s disapproval of her daughter’s relationship, she’s publicly stated that her doors are always open to Etta if she needs help.

Most social media reactions in both China and Western countries have become wrapped up in the blame-game, bouncing between bad parenting, irresponsible young people, and repressive culture. But we’ll just wish the happy couple the best, as they embark on a new chapter of their lives together.

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