You Can Now Order a China-Backed Flying Car for Delivery in 2019

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2:37 AM HKT, Tue October 23, 2018 1 mins read

Ever wanted to own a flying car? If your answer is “yes” then we may have good news for you: Chinese manufacturer Geely announced on Monday that orders for its flying car, created by MIT-founded brand Terrafugia, are now open.

The Chinese company, which also owns Volvo, picked up Boston-based flying car firm Terrafugia last year and promised that the first model would land on the market in 2019. And it seems like they were banking on more than just a wing and a prayer, as they announced today that they’re now taking orders for the Terrafugia Transition.

How much will a flying car cost you? Umm, they’re not exactly forthcoming with prices on the website. But there is a breathless official blurb, so let’s have some of that:

The Transition brings the dream of the flying car to life. It seats two and converts from drive mode to flight mode in under a minute with just the push of a button. Eliminating the hassle of hangar storage, ground transportation, and aviation fuel, the Transition fuels up with automotive gas and can be stored in your home garage.

So glad we’re getting rid of those three major hassles. The Transition is a slightly clunky-looking thing to be honest (see up top there), so here’s a computer-animated video of the sexier-looking and not-in-production TF-X from the same firm:

Great! Can’t see there being any problems with air traffic control or obnoxious drivers here. Will the concept really take off among the general public? No idea, but if you want to order yours, head to Terrafugia’s website right here.


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