Zootopia Theme Park Opening at Shanghai Disneyland

Shanghai Disneyland’s eighth themed land will open by the end of the year

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6:19 PM HKT, Wed October 25, 2023

Disneyland is set to open the world’s first Zootopia-themed Disney attraction in Shanghai on December 20, 2023. The new area will become the park’s eighth themed land.

‘Zootopia’ raked in over $230 million in China, smashing box office records and becoming one of the most successful Disney titles in the country. Now, China seems to be embracing its status as Zootopia’s highest-grossing overseas market.

The immersive area will place guests inside the movie’s urban world alongside their favorite characters. Disney says the area will continue their design philosophy of “authentic Disney, unique Chinese style” while incorporating classic Disney storytelling into localized offerings.

The Zootopia land is Shanghai Disneyland’s largest expansion since opening in 2016 — there’s a ‘Zootopia: Hot Pursuit’ simulator ride, which takes fans on a police chase through the animal metropolis, and a clothing boutique run by the film’s fashionista Fru Fru, among other attractions.

Disney fans have been watching the construction of the Zootopia area since 2019, and there was social media chatter when the lights went on in March.

Now, the park is doing trial runs to prepare for the inevitable masses on opening day.

Images via Disney Parks

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