#call me by fire

Call me by Fire is a Chinese musical reality TV show that ran on Mango TV for one season from August 12 to October 29, 2021. The series featured 33 veteran male celebrities, including singers, rappers, actors, and musicians, competing for a spot in a 17-member performance group. It was one of the most successful reality TV series of 2021 in China, with the first episode receiving 140 million views on the day it premiered. Notable contestants included rappers MC Hotdog, GAI, and MC Jin, as well as Taiwanese singer Terry Lin and Zhang Qi, the lead singer of the Chinese rock band Black Panther. The show was a spinoff of the popular series Sisters who Make Waves, which followed a similar premise with an all-female cast. Call me by Fire has since seen three spinoff shows: Brothers’ Boyhood, Definition, and Braving Life.

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