Brazilian Star Oscar, Overpaid and Underperforming in Shanghai, Sparks Soccer Brawl [UPDATE: Suspended 8 Games]

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2:36 AM HKT, Fri June 23, 2017 1 mins read

Brazilian soccer star Oscar, who left Chelsea earlier this year to play for Shanghai SIPG in the Chinese Super League for more than half a million dollars per week, sparked a brawl on Sunday in a game against Guangzhou R&F when he wildly kicked the ball at two opposing players near the end of the first half.

Oscar — who, again, is making a million dollars every two weeks — has only scored four goals this season in 21 appearances, so maybe he’s frustrated.

His flopping is in high form as usual, however.

A suspension might be coming down for him, though the Chinese Football Association is awaiting advice from FIFA on the matter, according to SCMP.

UPDATE: The Chinese Football Association has handed down an eight-game suspension.

Oscar will now not be eligible to play in the Chinese Super League until August 13 while also receiving an additional $5,000 fine from the governing body of Chinese football.

“Oscar’s immoral foul, which sparked a massive bust-up on the pitch, has had a huge negative impact on China’s professional football leagues,” read a statement of CFA.

“The CFA alway attaches great importance to the issue of discipline, taking great pains to root out the violent fouls and other unsportsmanlike behaviour.

“Hopefully disciplinary offences would be severely punished by all clubs and efforts shall be made to maintain the order of the games and protect the development of football.”

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