Chinese Communist Rappers Drop Donald Trump Diss Track

China's most-hated rappers are back - this time, with a diss track targeting Donald Trump's escalating trade war

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3:18 AM HKT, Sat June 1, 2019 1 mins read

Between Chinese tech giant Huawei being booted from the US on grounds of spying, a sudden uptick in anti-US propaganda on national Chinese television, and various other debris amidst an ever-escalating trade war, things are certainly heating up.

And yet, what is heat, if not this fire in the booth, fresh from the singed lips of China’s most-loved, most-hated, Communist Party-associated rap group?

CD Rev is a small rap crew from Chengdu. They’re most known internationally for their outspoken and poorly-written political tracks (who could forget when one member, Pissy, levied a diss track against the entire nation of Sweden after a family of Chinese tourists was denied early check-in at a Stockholm hotel?).

Well, the boys are back. Specifically one boy. Roy from CD Rev has released a solo diss track, aimed at Donald Trump.

The low-budget music video opens with a shot of Roy turning down the volume on a clip of Trump delivering a speech (thought we feel they could’ve selected a clip that more accurately portrays the President’s inability to string words together). Then, a grimy, mid-2000’s type beat kicks in, air horns sound, and Roy begins to deliver an onslaught of hip hop diplomacy:

“And those restrictions, you’re breaking the rules/make America great again, make the world into a doom”

“Wine for my amigos, guns for my enemies/5000 years passed, too many countries threatened me”

“1.4 billion people, we on a warship/like a bundle of chopsticks, can’t be contorted”

Roy also mentions that his countrymen are “moving so fast like 5G”, and calls Trump a “hy-hydra”. Ooooh!!


We might at this point draw up a list of pros and cons for this track:


  • The rapper is not named Pissy
  • It’s a diss track against Donald Trump!
  • The line of rhetoric is noticeably stronger than past CD Rev tracks, which have been known to employ such convincing arguments as, “you know what? Tibet and Taiwan belong to China, BITCH”


  • There are far better Donald Trump burns out there than “hy-hydra”
  • Too many Huawei references
  • Damn idk it just doesn’t sound good


Meanwhile, on Weibo, reactions vary. Somehow, many comments revolve around Roy being handsome:

“Friends, let’s spread this sensible and handsome voice around abroad!” one commenter writes.

“Roy is too handsome!” agrees another.

Others are less enthusiastic.

“Their flow has gotten worse,” someone writes.

Mostly though, people are praising Roy’s declaration that “Unity is strength, unity is power.” Admittedly, this was impressively civil for a diss track. But we’re secretly hoping that CD Rev will come back with more flames for the President of the United States. What a time to be alive.

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