Event: B-Side China Podcast Live Recording with Krish Raghav + Wu Qingyu

RADII Culture Editor Josh Feola is joined by two artists who've used their talents to provide a visual dimension to Beijing's underground music culture

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The next in RADII’s monthly series of events at ALL will be another live recording of Culture Editor Josh Feola’s B-Side China podcast. In June, Josh camped out in front of the DJ booth for a chat with multimedia artist Jiafeng about music, art, and creativity in China’s “post-internet” age, following that up with a screening-cum-discussion about “Audiovisual Sinofuturism” with artists Alex Wang and Miao Jing.

For our next free B-Side live recording on Tuesday, October 29, Josh will be joined by comic book artist and illustrator (and RADII contributor) Krish Raghav and designer Wu Qingyu. Both have used their talents to provide a visual dimension to China’s underground music culture.

Krish has recently illustrated a series of comics on the topic, including one on reggae’s historical connection to China. He’s currently working on a book-length comic on underground Beijing music with Josh (the first chapter, on ’90s all-women punk band Hang on the Box, was published last month on RADII).

Wu Qingyu, who was born in Changsha, educated in the US and is currently based in Shanghai, shows a commitment to bridging “the universal and the specific” in her bicultural design work, which has included album art for Beijing psychedelic rock band Chui Wan and avant-garde music label Maybe Noise. beijing d-22 illustration excerpted from open all the buddha boxes by krish raghav and josh feola

yan yulong illustration excerpted from open all the buddha boxes by krish raghav and josh feola

Following a live discussion and audience Q&A, we’ll hang out and listen to some choice cuts from the Beijing underground rock scene from 1999-today. There will also be a limited edition print version of Krish Raghav and Josh Feola’s Hang on the Box comic for the music/zine nerds out there!

When Tuesday, October 29, 8pm

Where ALL (2F, 17 Xiangyang Bei Lu,near Changle Lu)

How much FREE

Note Discussion will be held in English.

Sample a bit of Krish and Qingyu’s work via the RADII links below:

<a href="https://radii.co/article/hang-on-the-box-illustrated-history"> <div class="related-wrapper"> <div class="related-image"> <img src="https://imagedelivery.net/WLUarKbmUXuuhDC7PG5_Qw/articles/0a234af11dacdcba57d051929589b461.jpg/public" alt="hang on the box beijing punk"/> </div> <div class="related-content"> <div class="related-title"> <span>Hang on the Box: The Illustrated Story of China’s Female Punk Pioneers</span> </div> <div class="related-subtitle"> <span>The story of self-described “bitch-punk” band HotB, who were determined to break through the Beijing cultural underground’s glass ceiling in the late '90s</span> </div> <div class="related-footer"> <span>Article</span> <span>Sep 04, 2019</span> </div> </div> </div> </a>

<a href="https://radii.co/article/wu-qingyu-on-bridging-the-universal-and-the-specific-in-her-bicultural-designs"> <div class="related-wrapper"> <div class="related-image"> <img src="https://imagedelivery.net/WLUarKbmUXuuhDC7PG5_Qw/articles/c9a0291979b92fa37f0a2a186aaaa08c.jpg/public" alt="wu qingyu chinese design art"/> </div> <div class="related-content"> <div class="related-title"> <span>Wu Qingyu on Bridging “the Universal and the Specific” in her Bicultural Designs</span> </div> <div class="related-subtitle"> <span></span> </div> <div class="related-footer"> <span>Article</span> <span>Jun 21, 2018</span> </div> </div> </div> </a>

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