Fall is Here: 10 New Music Picks

We're back with 10 hand-picked selections for your fall playlist

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7:40 PM HKT, Fri September 29, 2023 1 mins read

New Music is a monthly RADII column that looks at new Chinese music spanning hip hop to folk to modern experimental, and everything in between. This month, we introduce you to new offerings from Pu Poo Platter, The Twenties, Little Wizard, and more!

China's indie music scene continues to thrive, with exciting new releases spanning genres from indie rock, hip hop, jazz, to electronica. Here's a sampling of some of the most noteworthy albums and EPs from Chinese independent artists this month.

WaChi - 郊游

Dongguan indie darlings WaChi return with their exhilarating debut LP '郊游.' Impassioned lyrics and soaring melodies showcase the band's signature sound, while playful instrumentation and diverse influences from math rock to folk map new territory. The single "郊游" gets a gorgeously shot music video on the lush greens of Guangzhou's Changzhou Island.

DalDa GO!东九 - 不适应

Dalian/Qingdao synth pop outfit DalDa GO!东九 simmers with retro synthwave grooves on their latest funk-laced EP '不适应.' Echoing Metronomy's oddball pop and Daft Punk's sleek electronic, they turn mundane daily life into danceable tunes with sublime reliability.

Pu Poo Platter - A Chilling Winter Night

Brooklyn-based jazz collective Pu Poo Platter serves up soulful funk with their new release 'A Chilling Winter Night.' Heavily influenced by NYC's erstwhile creative melting pot, their pastiche of smooth instrumentation and choppy flows perfectly channels the city's erstwhile hip eclecticism.

AZ 阿哲 - Breathe

Rising hip-hop wordsmith AZ catches his breath on the breezy new single "Breathe." The Shantou-based rapper muses cleverly on fame and success over mellow beats, even poking fun at his own dialect rapping on the hilarious accompanying video.

The Twenties - Mindful Chaos

Beijing fuzz rockers The Twenties return with their harmony-laden sophomore album 'Mindful Chaos,' which refines their '90s alt-rock predilections into punchy pop-rock anthems fit for endless car listening. Retro synths complement their trademark vocal hooks for a record that's both nostalgic and contemporary.

Acid Accident - 酸性事件

The debut from Beijing instrumental rockers Acid Accident fuses atmospheric patience with explosive rhythms for a dynamic first statement. Their electrifying sound welds diverse influences into a seamless, full-bodied trip.

Thermostat - 一个柳絮很多的下午

Bedroom lo-fi project Thermostat crafts hazy, woozy dream pop on the serene '一个柳絮很多的下午.' Jangly guitars and sparse beats leave enough space for the intimate vocals to shine.

Little Wizard - 对峙

Psych rock collective Little Wizard gets confrontational on their new double EP '对峙,' merging math rock instrumentation with trance-like vocals and electronics. Two remixes from Xie Yugang and Rainsoft further push their expansive, evocative soundscapes into new territory.

Hugjiltu - 还童

Inner Mongolian folk artist Hugjiltu explores his ancestral roots through a modern lens on '还童,' including three touching duets recorded with his late father. Psychedelic and electronic embellishments update but never obscure the music's traditional essence and familial soul.

Mice - Run Mice Run

Hangzhou electronic producer Mice's full-length debut 'Run Mice Run' provides the perfect auditory stimulation for running, with warm, textured tracks intended to flood the senses. Released through new synesthesia-focused label offscript.

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