Find Out How Music is Changing in a New Era of Interconnectivity

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5:30 PM HKT, Mon May 14, 2018

RADII and Brandnographer, in partnership with AGLA and Shanghai Creative collective, present the inaugural FUTURE OF X forum at Hangzhou’s 2050 Conference for youth in science, technology, art, and design, taking place May 25-27th, 2018 in Cloud Town.

Music in the digital world brings people together in ways few other media can. Music has historically been an integral part of many facets of life, including entertainment, wellness, worship, and social change, but the ways that musicians create and listeners engage have radically changed in the digital era.

From his unique vantage point at the convergence of technology, wellness and composition, two-time Grammy-award-winning artist, composer and producer Dana Leong discusses and demonstrates the FUTURE OF MUSIC in the age of interconnectivity.

Date May 26th, 2018

Time 2:00PM – 3:00PM

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