Huawei and Tencent Team Up to Develop Cloud Gaming Platform

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4:27 PM HKT, Thu April 2, 2020 1 mins read

On March 27, WeChat-maker Tencent announced a deal with hardware giant Huawei to open up a collaborative test center, and ultimately a cloud gaming platform.

Tencent will provide games and content, while Huawei will develop the servers and incorporate 5G.


Tencent’s gaming arm is the world’s largest video game company, and is already active in cloud gaming — a formula which runs games on remote servers and streams them directly to a user’s device.


Tencent launched its cloud gaming service “Start” in March 2019, and began beta testing Fortnite on it in December. Huawei, meanwhile, introduced its first cloud gaming management platform in June, incorporating the company’s 5G technology.

The new partnership will leverage Huawei’s Kunpen processor and Tencent’s GameMatrix platform. The project could be a growth moment for mobile cloud gaming: Tencent is an originator of modern mobile gaming, and Huawei has developed innovations like the first case of ray-tracing in phones.


The partnership also intends to explore the emerging fields of AI, AR, and VR, the statement added.

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