Jackie Chan Talks Prostitutes, Affairs, in New English-Language Memoirs

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11:30 PM HKT, Thu December 6, 2018 1 mins read

Jackie Chan’s sudden rush to fame afforded him an enormous influx of wealth and status – and the freedom to wreck a Porsche in the morning and a Mercedes-Benz in the evening, according to his memoir. A very candid account of the superstar’s life, his autobiography covers more than just the dirty secrets of his past. But really, that’s all anybody is interested in.

Chan’s confessional memoir “Never Grow Up” was just translated into English, so if you don’t read Chinese, now is your chance to experience the extravagant and dark stories of the martial artist’s past for yourself. Some of the most shocking moments include Chan spending $500,000 HK dollars on luxury watches, regular visits to prostitutes, and throwing his son across the room in a fit of anger.


The memoir was published in Chinese in 2015, so you’ve probably already heard about at least a portion of the shockingly honest content. For instance, Jackie Chan’s affair with actress Elaine Ng, and the subsequent birth of their daughter Etta, is already widely known. Etta just announced last week her marriage to Canadian girlfriend, social media influencer Andi Autumn.

Even though the media has already covered the deep, dark secrets of Chan’s life extensively, you now have the option to explore what he has to say about his path to fame (and all his regrets) in his own words. The Chinese version has a rating of 7.5 out of 10 on Douban, so it might just be worth a skim.

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