Kris Wu has a New Girlfriend and Her Name’s Luyi Luna

Everything you need to know about our favorite rapper's latest love affair

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3 years ago 3 mins read

Kris Wu broke many things on today’s muggy summer morning, and this time none of them were the scale. Rather, our favorite freestyle-smashing, noodle-loving, Chinese hip-hop mogul is crushing the hearts of his millions of raving fangirls in a new relationship with Luyi Luna.

That’s right — in today’s Kris Wu-related news, the fat jokes end there. The guy has a new girlfriend.

Spotted, as of last night in a dingy parking lot: Kris Wu with a fresh-faced mystery woman, fingers intertwined with the unmistakable seal of young love.

Before you burn all your floor-to-ceiling posters of Kris’ dashing countenance or shatter any bowls of noodles in the name of freestyle rap, here’s the low-down on Kris Wu’s latest love affair. (Scroll to the bottom for an update from Luyi Luna herself.)


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Early this morning, Chinese reporters captured footage of Kris and this woman first getting into a vehicle together, and later emerging from a parking garage underneath Kris’ residence, with palms clasped.

The woman was later identified by netizen sleuths as Qin Niu Zhengwei from Nanyang, Henan province. A popular Weibo wanghong influencer with about 900k followers, she goes by the name Luyi Luna on social media platforms. Furthermore, Luna is an aspiring actress and second-year student at Beijing Film Academy.

You heard that right — she’s still in college! And with Wu’s 29th birthday looming in the imminent future, there is nearly a decade of age difference between the two of them.

Finally, a beacon of hope for broke college students still daydreaming of our shot at celebrity romance.

Needless to say, the internet is awash with speculation over the new couple and the shrouded origins of their apparent romance. Some conspiracists even picked up on the shared surname between Luna and Chinese mega-celebrity Luhan, and ran with it.

Well, is she Luhan’s relative or not? Wu’s representatives were unavailable to comment.

Many on Weibo expressed shock and surprise over the photographs of the new lovers, but online conversations surrounding the drama have actually been quite tame in nature.

One netizen, in response to a media outlet posting the news on Weibo, commented, “Shit, the boss [Kris Wu] isn’t small anymore, it’s time to talk about real love. I once used to desperately chase idols.”

How’s that for self aware? Wu’s normally rabid fandom seemed to recognize that although Kris was once the object of their most indulgent carnal fantasies, he is also a real human with an actual life, and deserves to be treated as such.

Many netizens are busy sending the couple blessings and good fortune. One user wrote, “He is almost 30, it’s normal to find a girlfriend. If it’s true, fans send blessings.”

It’s nice to see the internet finally being happy for Kris Wu.

Is Kris Wu in a relationship?

Plot twist — Luna took to Weibo on August 31, 2019 to deny that she and Kris were an item: “I’ve always had the greatest respect for Teacher Wu, no relationship, no video, no story.”

kris wu girlfriend lunaConclusive? The internet seem to think not. Expect this story to run for a while….


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