Is Kris Wu Fat Now?

Stop the presses: Kris Wu -- teen heartthrob, hip hop mogul, and reality TV judge -- is looking like a chonky boy

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9:45 PM HKT, Thu June 27, 2019 1 mins read

A pressing question, people. Yes, the new season of Rap of China is underway, and contrary to the rumors, Kris Wu is still at the helm as the hit reality show’s lead judge. But a different discussion has been looming over the former pop singer’s image recently — his physical image, that is.

A recent photo of Kris with Singaporean singer JJ Lin.

More specifically, his weight. It’s a little over-the-top if you ask us, but discussion of Wu “becoming fat” clambered to the top of the trending charts on Weibo this past week. We guess there’s just not that much else going on in the world right now.

In a recent interview, one journalist was shameless enough to allude to his heavier appearance, bombarding him with a flurry of food related questions. “Do you have a habit of eating midnight snacks?”, they asked. Wu’s answer: “I don’t have this habit, but I do have this idea. I’m often tempted by it.”

(Given his remarkable studio redemption of an infamously botched freestyle about noodles, we personally think he deserves carbs after dark).

“How have your meals been lately?”, the interviewer continued. “They’ve been great lately,” Wu said, and, understanding what the interviewer was obliquely getting at, went on to say, “I’m in the middle of working hard at dieting, and it’s actually under control, all I can say is that I’m getting older.”

Kris Wu, in LV pink, blowing bubbles. Source: Weibo

Wu’s answer generated a heavily viewed Weibo hashtag on the question, #Kris Wu Says He’s Fat Because He’s Getting Older#, which has many pushing back saying: one, he’s not even old, and two, he’s not even fat.

Exactly. And honestly, there’s more substantive things to discuss on the subject of Kris Wu’s image, namely, what about these new locks he’s got going on? His shoulder-length, wavy hairdo is turning some heads too, and rightly so. Also, he’s wearing all pink and blowing bubbles here — what else can we ask for?

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