Let’s Try to Figure Out What This Chinese Word Means via Baidu Translate

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3:28 PM HKT, Sat May 27, 2017

逗逼 (doubi) is a popular Internet slang word meaning “clown,” or “someone who is amusing,” used jokingly amongst friends or – less frequently – to mock a stranger. Truly a word with subtlety and layers of meaning. Let’s see what Baidu Translate says!

Whoa. That escalated fast.

Maybe it’ll help if we used it in a sentence, such as “My friend is a逗逼”…

Decidedly unhelpful. What about as an adjective, as in “You’re too 逗逼”…

So far we know a逗逼 is either a fucker, a tease, or a funny man named Le. Time to simplify. “You 逗逼” should yield what we need:

Apparently it’s now a verb.

Let’s follow that path and go with, “Stop逗逼”…

We’ve so thoroughly perplexed the algorithm that it couldn’t even capitalize the “i.”

Count this as a victory for man in our future war with the machines.

How to correctly use the term to impress your Chinese friends: “You the doubi who asked Bryce Harper about his favorite beer?”

For the record, the politer, more PG written version of the term is 逗比 (also doubi, but the “bi” is third tone instead of first), referring to someone playing dumb / acting stupid in a cutesy way. Again, advisable to use only amongst friends, lest you’re picking a fight.

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