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Song by Higher Brothers’ Psy.P Catches Attention of Actress Lucy Liu

Featuring Chinese-American rapper Bohan Phoenix, the track by Higher Brothers member Psy.P pays homage to Lucy Liu’s beauty and charm

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4:39 PM HKT, Tue July 5, 2022 1 mins read

Can you imagine writing a rap about your favorite actress, and the next day she posts the song on her social media? That recently happened to Psy.P, a member of the Chinese rap group Higher Brothers, whose dream of being noticed by Lucy Liu became true on July 1, when the actress shared his track ‘Lucy Liu’ on her Instagram stories.

The event immediately went viral on the microblogging platform Weibo, with a related hashtag amassing over 23.4 million views. Chinese fans encouraged Psy.P to keep chasing the American movie star, with comments such as “You are already in the U.S., keep courting her!” (Seemingly a reference to the fact the rapper’s Weibo location is set in the U.S.)

Featuring Chinese-American rapper Bohan Phoenix, ‘Lucy Liu’ pays homage to the beauty and charm of the actress, with bars referencing her appearance in cult movies such as Kill Bill: Volume 1.

Using a catchy sample from The Mamas & Papas’ ‘California Dreaming,’ the track’s chorus goes “Lucy Liu / With your golden skin / You captivated me” and expresses the rappers’ years-long appreciation for the Chinese-American movie star.

Even though the song was released more than a year ago, it is now enjoying a new wave of popularity in China after Psy.P performed it on the stage of Rap Of China, and it looks like movie star Lucy Liu herself might have tuned in.

A few days after the performance, Lucy Liu shared the song on her Instagram stories, tagging both Psy.P and Bohan Phoenix and adding the caption “Let’s get loose together!” (a reference to the song lyrics).

The rapper’s reaction was ecstatic: Psy.P shared a screenshot of Lucy Liu’s Instagram story on his Weibo with the caption “She finally noticed me! First step!”, gaining more than 18,000 likes.

Unluckily, voters eliminated the Higher Brothers member from the rap talent show on the very first episode, so he won’t have any more occasions to perform his songs on the stage of Rap of China. But who knows, maybe he’ll be getting loose with Ms. Liu real soon!

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