New OPPO Phone Rumored to Charge Completely in 15 Minutes

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8:18 AM HKT, Wed January 3, 2018

As smartphone prices climb, headphone jacks evaporate, and Apple continues its spiral of laziness, more and more users find themselves in search of alternatives to the big three (Apple, Samsung, and Google). China is a great answer to your prayers, and you might even be familiar with names like Xiaomi or Huawei — but this is among the first times OPPO has found itself in the middle of a sexy headline like this.

Although lesser known abroad, OPPO already holds the second biggest market share out of China’s top four smartphone manufacturers, having shot to success selling low-cost phones while its competitors targeted luxury. In 2016 they unveiled their still-in-development Voltage Open Loop Multi-step Constant-Current Charging technology — really it’s just a fancy battery. But fancy it is, because it can charge your phone from zero to a hundred percent in 15 minutes, or to forty-five percent in just 5.

Well, don’t go crazy yet, because like I said, it’s just a rumor for the time being. The Find 9 is the first truly high-end OPPO device to come out in years, and while we don’t have tons of information, we have some leads. For instance, it will come with 3D sensing technology for facial recognition, so you can keep up with all your iPhone friends. We also have a second leaked image:

Don’t worry, it’s a case

Is OPPO’s Find 9 right for you? We don’t know either — the phone isn’t out yet. But hold off for a sec on that refurbished iPhone purchase, because it just might be worth it.

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