Photo of the day: A Sea by the Sea

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5:00 PM HKT, Sun October 1, 2017

All this week, Radii is posting a photo essay by Edward Evenson of snaps from outside the buzz and noise of the Chinese megacity. Rural landscapes for a quick daily moment of serenity…

Walking down the piers extending out to the East China Sea, the sightseer is flanked by shallow mudflats covered in grass. The summer months witness the grass grow to heights of over a meter, swaying to and fro with the western winds of the late afternoon. The grass itself presented a good picture opportunity, but it was the ship sailing by, with it’s bridge just peaking over the grass that caught my attention. It reminded me of a scene from the Studio Ghibli films I watched as a kid. The ship was moving fairly quickly, so I lined up a shot and took just one photo before it was out of position. Luckily, it turned out alright.

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