Photo of the day: Tasty Treat

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8:40 PM HKT, Sat September 30, 2017

All this week, Radii is posting a photo essay by Edward Evenson of snaps from outside the buzz and noise of the Chinese megacity. Rural landscapes for a quick daily moment of serenity…

Walking to the edge of a pier about five kilometers outside the urban sprawl of Shanghai, I looked down to find a fisherman hawking crabs to sightseers. I liked the way the grass flattened on the surface of the water, leading the eye down to the fisherman and his crab buckets at the bottom right of the frame. This picture actually took some time to capture, because the fisherman kept staring at me and the camera as I was trying to take the photo, disrupting the leading lines of the grass. Patience paid off, as it usually does.

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