Photo of the day: Dog and Baby

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4:00 PM HKT, Tue February 13, 2018

Our photo theme during the Spring Festival holiday is Enter the Dog: the funniest, cutest, weirdest, or otherwise most noteworthy images of our canine companions circulating around Chinese popular culture as we christen the Lunar New Year.

We’ll kick this off with one of the many, many, many images that have come out of the unexpectedly viral Spring Festival campaign by childrens’ lifestyle brand PUPUPULA. Radii’s Fan Shuhong explains:

Spring Festival and the Year of the Dog are four days away. Although today is still a work day for most Chinese companies, people seem to be distracted from their day jobs by “2?18汪年全家福” (Family Portrait of the Year of the Dog), a viral campaign developed by child lifestyle brand PUPUPULA that has reached over 100 million hits. […]

“It is greatly exceeding our expectation, totally,” Han Yi, PUPUPULA’s co-founder and the person in charge of the family portrait program, told Q Daily in an interview (link in Chinese). “We were expecting only 500,000 direct hits at first, we didn’t even promote it,” Han said, marveling at the fact that the app has received over 3 million direct hits and the above-mentioned 100 million total clicks.

Find plenty more dogs here:

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