Photo of the day: Emperor’s View Hotspring and Ski Slope in Jing Jin New Town

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6:36 PM HKT, Fri September 8, 2017

Another one from Burbex, here’s a rather depressing snapshot of the long abandoned Emperor’s View Hotspring and Ski Slope, which has neither hot springs nor ski slopes, just a bunch of sad animal statues and “various marine-themed slides and chutes” emptying out into empty swimming pools (kind of a subtheme for us this week).

The weirdest thing about this park is its location inside Jing Jin New Town, a satellite town between Beijing and the nearby port city of Tianjin meant to absorb residential overflow and create a three-way mega-megacity the government is calling Jingjingji. They built 3,000 villas in Jing Jin New Town, but nobody came.

Well, at least all the ghosts in that town have a fun theme park to haunt.

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