Photo of the day: Beijing’s Floating Dragon Lake Amusement Park

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4:00 PM HKT, Wed September 6, 2017

Today’s photo was contributed by Burbex, Beijing Urbex, bringing you intrepid explorations of abandoned structures around northeast China since 2014. This is a snap from one of the first sites in which Burbex planted its digital flag, the Floating Dragon Lake Amusement Park in Beijing:

Beijing Amusement Park based around the Floating Dragon Lake used to be the premier theme park in Beijing attracting 2.4 million visitors a year. It was famous for its roller coasters, 4D cinema, and the biggest Ferris Wheel in the capital. Now all that remains is the Ferris Wheel which dominates the landscape, and the ruined remains of the aquarium which has lots of graffiti.

Check out some more photos of this spot from Burbex here, or jump right to the videos of their squad ascending the aforementioned tallest Ferris Wheel in Beijing (also, puppies):

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